Skin Treatments For Eczema

Unsightly pimples and acne are the number one cause of consternation from young adults. But acne is a serious skin condition that can affect adults later in life as well. With at home remedies the tendency is to treat the pimples themselves using various forms of over the counter solutions that can have some benefit, or not. The danger people run when using these methods, is that if they’re not applied properly, they can actually make the situation worse.

“Tea tree is one of those skin treatments for acne that has entered the folk medicine lexicon,” says one Walnut Creek dermatologist, “and while it’s a mixed bag in terms of whether these folk medicine treatments actually work, the real truth is that science and medicine is not heavily invested in doing clinical trials on substances that cost you $4.70 at Walmart. The fact is that a lot of the people who have taken tea tree say it works on pimples and that’s great. For the most part, however, these treatments work on pimples, not necessarily on acne.”

Acne is the name for the condition that causes the pimples to form in the first place. The most common time for people to get acne is in their teens and especially during puberty. This is because during that period the skin secretes more oil than it generally would. When dead skin cells mix with the oil secreted by the skin, this causes the pores to be clogged. Bacteria then settles into the pores causing red raised bumps full of pus. It’s very gross, but it generally passes.

“There’s a number of over the counter skin creams that are available that are known by dermatologists to work effectively,” he continued. “The risk you run with a lot of these home remedies is that they end up drying out the skin, which will make the acne worse, and that seems like something tea tree would probably do. It also seems like tea tree might be browse around this site effective at killing off some of the bacteria. So it may directory be mixed bag with that as a remedy.”

“The best way to clear up your skin is to wash your face gently no more than twice a day. The soap will dry out your skin if it’s over applied. You want to find a noncomedogenic moisturizer for the skin. This will keep it moist and healthy. We recommend the over the counter anti-acne medication because we know how it works, and it’s going to have the right medications in the right amounts in there.”

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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